QVials and the Psychology of Longevity

We are the only source of Qvials in the world. Do not accept imitators.

Approximately everyone is ASTOUNDED the first time they use a Qvial.

For the rest of your life, the QVial holds promise to be among your best, most important, perhaps favorite tools.
One hundred of one hundred naysayers have not tested the QVial with the simplest bidigital test (BDORT or QRA).

Get your instant proof that the QVial instantly, temporarily strengthens every organ, gland, and tissue in your body.
The QVial even adds strength, immediately measurable, to all measurable functions within all mammalian systems.

This works one hundred percent of the time for one hundred percent of all humans, and all mammals, for that matter.
The QVial contains ingredients that cannot be electrically encoded or embedded, among the few to be found anywhere.

The QVial effectively resets your electrical biofield, and you must move past people who laugh at your electrical biofield.
There is more energy running around your hundreds of thousands of feet of body wiring, and injuries mess up the wiring.

Most accurately, it is less the injury that causes so much havoc and damage than the metabolites left behind by the injury.
Every injury and trauma, even air-bag deployments, leave metabolites behind, as does every process in every living thing.

The metabolites mechanically interfere with the body's communication wiring. That causes reflexes to organs and glands.
How fascinating that the bidigital assessments perfectly match the organs and glands as identified thousands of years ago.

The only known way to safely, exogenously, remove the toxic metabolites is through mudpacking, when the mud's liquid is correct.
From Dr. Robert "Bob" Marshall's individual potions, far beyond merely organic, more bioavailable than anything known on earth,
to MisterShortcut's Q-energy inventions, which impart supercharged levels of energy to anything or anyone coming close to them,
nothing in the world we have ever observed is as fast, as safe, as powerfully useful to the health condition of humans or animals.

Until you learn to do easy mudpacks with whichever liquid you use, the QVial acts as a temporary mudpack, clearing channels.
For at least a few hours, all of your organs, glands, tissues, and functions test stronger, so your nutrition is more bioavailable.

These medium-sized Qvials are eminently portable, do not create security issues at airports and such.
Qvials are $55 each, including shipping and handling, because we care more for service than profit.

We believe that everyone urgently needs a Qvial to fight back against the relentless onslaught the body suffers today.
Nothing we know on earth is as effective as this unique blend of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials.
Also blended in are natural mineral crystals proven to have piezo-electric benefit to the magnetite sand, etc.

Buy 3 QVials, and, if you agree to give them away, we will include three more Qvials at no charge.
The catch: Please do not buy three without intending to, and actually giving your freebies away.
If you agree to give the three away, we will include three more, to reward you. Good to 12/12
This is a unique blend, unique discovery, and assuredly a unique invention, to be patented.
Because of its multiple benefits, MisterShortcut wants everyone to have their own QVial.
Once you know how to do a BDORT, QVials are even more provable to any who doubt.
Belief is not needed. The proof of the power of QVials takes but a second to establish.

Teach yourself how to test the energetic strength of anything on or near earth.
Using the QRA test will do the trick for you, every time, with, say, greens drinks.
If you want to know if a greens drink is going to weaken or strength you, do QRA:

Hold your thumb and any finger, preferably a weaker one,
and gently resist as a friend gently pulls the o-ring apart,
not as a contest of strength between two opponents,
just to see where your "zero point" is in the o-ring,
how much it takes to just begin to open that o-ring.

Now, gently bang the bottle of energy drink you want to test,
with the thumb and first two fingers, in a simple pincer grip.
Now, have the friend pull your o-ring apart and see the difference.
If the energy drink is good, non-toxic, the energy drink will test strong.
If the drink is energetically weak, the energy drink will test weaker.

Now, to find out if that energy drink will weaken or strengthen you personally,
test your O-ring first, then hold the bottle up against your chest or shoulders.
If the greens drink tests strong, that greens drink is going to strengthen you.
If the energy drink tests weak, that particular greens drink is not for you.
The "catch" is that the tester can make errors if their GV20 point is weak.
We fix that with 30 seconds of QCI, or one second using the supercharged QVIAL.
The QRA test is magnificent, and works on food, people, shoes, cars, EVERYTHING.
Do not underestimate the power of vastu. If you do not know about vastu, learn!!!

Possibly the single greatest deal anywhere in the world:
QVials last forever - If you break it, scoop contents into a GLASS container
Using ANY of the six most common energy tests
(QRA, BDORT, Reflexology, Contact Reflex Analysis, Kinesiology, Refractometer)
EVERYTHING touched by QVial is money-back guaranteed to test strong

QVials - Discount for Multiples

QVial immediate proves to be a potent bio-energetic balancing method that rapidly re-polarizes every tissue, organ and gland in the body to help re-establish its fullest healing potential. From day one, there has never been a single human not astonished by what this little vial of diamagnetic and paramagnetic minerals does.

That's worth repeating: In 15+ years, never once has a human not been astonished by the one-second test.
Of course there are people who present cynicism or being 'jaded,' yet, eyes can't lie: 100 of 100%.

Please, stop talking,
long enough to see how utterly,


you lose ability to hold thumb & finger tightly when you hold phone against body.
Athletes, amateurs, housewives, weightlifters, 100 of 100 people respond identically.
Same instant loss when touching any electrical device, even pinching a power cord.
Worst: fridge & fusebox: No need to touch; just POINTING makes other hand weak.
World's first and only guaranteed "Test strong w brief contact." - $$-back guaranteed.
the only money-back guaranteed emf in the world.

When your body's biofield loses coherence as a result of the several causes of such electrical incoherence, including physical OR emotional trauma, persistent intake of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, infection, and others, the internal operating system in your body begins to weaken. Worse, once an interference field is established, it is persistent, to the point of inexorability: Failure to remediate the interference field is certain to cause slow, inevitable damage.

The electrical biofield of the body has a distinctly larger influence on general health and longevity than even nutrition can have.

The Quantum Qvial is comprised of a unique blend of paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances,
passing through 186 stations in 114 hours of the megacharging process.

The Qvial effectively combines maximum yin and maximum yang earth polarities which work together to generate a concentrated, powerful natural biological healing field. Any point in the body testing weak by QRA, or QRA's parent, called B-DORT by Dr. Omura, is instantly strengthened for at least several minutes with a single use of the Qvial.

When the vial is placed in contact with the external meridian flow on the head, located at the highest point on your skull, the Qvial instantly initiates an indisputably effective healing and repolarizing effect on the built-in biofield of any mammal. Fortunately, credibility or belief is unnecessary, since anyone can test this in a single second with the QRA test crafted by Marshall and Forbes.

Using the Qvial is an unprecedented leap forwards towards restoring a fully active bio-field in the body, underscoring its importance in empowering the body to accomplish its programmed tasks of healing itself.

Using the Qvial quickly re-establishes the electrical and energetic coherence of the disordered biofield, with this portable Qvial. This is so because the Qvial transfers high frequency, beneficial earth fields, including Schumann waves, it is believed, directly to the body via contact.

A tiny amoung of coral calcium is placed under the tongue to extend the Qvial's effect by at least some minutes, simultaneously stabilizing the now-coherent biofield. The effect is immediate, and immediately provable using QRA to test brain points, and any point on the body that you touch the QVial to for at least a second or two.

There are two primary instant benefits to using the Qvial.

First, when you simply touch the Qvial to any meridian point involved, you immediately increase and generally maximize the nutrition uptake that the interference field was preventing your body from enjoying. You might want to read that again, because we have never seen anything like this in all of human history.

Secondly, using the Qvial for 10 seconds distinctly helps to accelerate innate healing ability of the body. The Qvial does not actually treat or cure at all, only energizes your body to process more nutrition more effectively, to empower the body to heal itself.

Dr. Cohen by himself has used Qvial successfully many thousands of times with those who come to consult him.

The Qvial has never once, in what now may be millions of QVial uses, ever been reported to fail, or to cause anything but benefit. NO CONTRAINDICATIONS, no nasty side effects! This may yet prove to be the purest transfer of energy in history. Thanks to Dr. Marshall, Dr. Forbes, and Dr. Cohen, for their provision of tools and ideas that MisterShortcut built upon in the invention of QVials, which prove to be the gift of a lifetime... to last a lifetime.

Use of the Qvial only takes a fraction of a second to strengthen all brain points, and any body point it comes into contact with, and all meridian points associated with the point where it touches the body.

Use of the Qvial can be done as many times per day as you wish without generating any type of negative side effect whatsoever. Every indication is that, the more you use the QVial, the more effectively-concentrated solar energy goes into you.

Use of Qvial is fast and simple, as are the instructions for using it:

1) Touch the Qvial to the highest point on your head, drawing an invisible line if you like, from eartip to eartip.
(Interesting to note that GV20, highest point on head, lines up with tops of ears!)

2) Hold it there for as little as a tenth, perhaps even a fiftieth of a second... that's it!

That's how to use the Qvial.


When rushed for time, you can also tap the Qvial gently on the vertex point, that highest point on your skull. Just tap it gently three times, and place a tiny amount of coral calcium under your tongue to extend the time length of benefit. Testing, which you can instantly do yourself with a one-second use of BDORT or QRA-style testing, shows that the effect has held longer when doing the gentle triple-tap.

3. Use your QVials as many as 5 or 100 times per day, more if you like, especially just before and after sleep, and most especially before eating or drinking food. You can even encourage further ease on your body's efforts to digest nutrition by also using Qvial after you eat. It can hardly be repeated too much: You cannot use QVials "too much:" the more you use them, the more confident we are that you'll get more benefit from it. We NEVER eat or drink anything until it's been touched even briefly by QVial.

Please pay attention: 100 of 100 humans, when they hold ANY food or substance or device against their body that their body does not want, and that's a specific reference to foods we're allergic or extra-sensitive to, 100 of 100 humans lose the ability to hold their other hand's thumb & finger tightly. DO the QRA test at bidigitally.com. You are going to be gobsmacked! It's YOU and a friend or relative or associate doing the test, so it's YOUR proof. There is no living human who can hold a working phone against the body and still test strong. We've tested many large-sized pro athletes who suck down hundreds of dollars' per day worth of supplements: NONE HAVE EVER PASSED THE QRA TEST.

Look: You cannot learn less about anything. Get smarter in a single minute practicing this one-second test. See for yourselves.

If all that is not enough, touching the QVial to any food, OR A PLATE OF FOOD, is unconditionally guaranteed to make that food test energetically stronger, whether measured by Brix meter, BDORT, CRA, QRA, or any known method of kinesiology... not most of the time, rather, EVERY SINGLE TIME, as we proved with thousands of individual tests.

A rich and widening array of uses for the QVial. Where does it end? Because of what we perceive to be unfettered corruption, there is no way we can or would claim pain relief as a benefit of QVial. Instead, we simply urge and highly recommend putting QVial against ANY point in the body or head that hurts, for ten to sixty seconds to see what effect the QVial may have on YOU. Again, this is not a claim, it is a suggestion.

Reports thus far from people using QVial have been near-universal in praising the growing list of benefits of using the supercharged QVial.

As noted earlier, using the Qvial increases the nutrition your body can withdraw from food,
so it seems wasteful NOT to use Qvial just before eating or drinking any food or drink.

You can use this test thousands of times to your huge benefit

Learn where you stomach meridian point is located, halfway between your belly button and your solar plexus.

Touching the QVial to the stomach meridian both before and after eating is soundly recommended.

The more difference you notice, the more often you are likely to use the QVial, which never needs recharging,
and is expected to last AT LEAST three days beyond your 100,000th birthday, if you can figure out how to live that long.

Get more from yourself and the assets you have access to,
and considerably more so with the Psychology of Shortcuts.

None of us, including you, can ever get back the thousands of truly wasted minutes,
adding up to uncountable hours over a lifetime, summarized in a powerful aphorism:
"How I spend my minutes is, for the most part, how I spend my life."
How YOU are spending your minutes is how you are spending your life.
Spend..... or invest.... your most precious possessions,
the seconds and the minutes that make up your hours.
Make the time each night to create a written agenda, the 5 most vitals goals of the morrow.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is the penultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You.

These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires.

Shortcuts.work       Megaphotons       Shortcuts.me

Shortcuts.biz       Lasers.work       Shortcuts.ws

What greater template or recipe can an aspiring human ask to be given access to.than the very best?
See them as YOUR shortcuts for success, why the Psychology of Shortcuts exists for Your life!

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis Websites   (QRA)

Bidigitals.com - Bidigitals are skilled in quantum coherence technology and QRA testing. EVERYONE should learn this.
Test organ, gland, tissue, function. Weak or strong. One-second test. Works on all polarities
QVial.com - Once the QCI vial is supercharged via 8 processes, it is now a lifetime QVial - Psychology of Longevity Prefers Self-Health Self-Help
QRA.Me - Acronymic for Quantum Reflex Analysis, QRA is the game-changer in health - 21st century nutrition with timeless wisdom included
QRA.name - Psychology of Longevity QRA Website to introduce YOU to Quantum Reflex Analysis in a genuinely accessible manner
- The Psychology of Longevity includes Q-R-A websites to advance knowledge and listings of Quantum Reflex Analysis
- Deeper information delightfully presented by the Psychology of Longevity - Learn Q-R-A to promote your longevity

- Getting into the nitty gritty of Quantum Reflex Analysis with the Psychology of Longevity - best of the best
- Central QRA website to learn more details of how Quantum Reflex Analysis is used in naturopathy today
QuantumReflexAnalysis.com - Do not fool yourself into failing to understand that you cannot learn too much about Quantum Reflex Analysis
- The more you learn, the better your actions and decisions tend to be, with Quantum Reflex Analysis skills

No human can claim to be an expert in nutritional needs without Quantum Reflex Analysis skills to prove it
- Every human alive needs to learn Quantum Reflex, if only in the most abecedarian of knowledge levels
Q-R-A.COM - The Psychology of Longevity Reminds You That We Are Not Done With Q-R-A - Learn, learn, learn, every day
- Although QRA was "born" in Austin, Texas, QRA is spreading globally, so, a huge thank you to Austin!
- Any practitioner trained by Dr. Marshall is going to be an expert QRA practitioners - We count on it
- From Austin, Houston or San Jose, to Denver or N.Y., find QRA practitioners most anywhere!
Psychology of Longevity : "The best QRA practitioners are using QRA with biofeedback!"
Bidigitally.com - Merely a sweet opportunity to offer more info on QRA, and the web domain tests "QRA strong"
Homage to Texas, because, once again, Texas produced, via Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes
- Electrically-remediating tape from the special genius of Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes
Supercharging.US - For practitioners and afficionados of MisterShortcut anti-emf supercharging devices.

Learning to do quantum reflex analysis is secondary to consulting with a trained QRA practitioner.
You are certified by the Psychology of Longevity to see QRA as YOUR game-changer in modern health.

The ability for you, or a trained QRA practitioner, to identify weak organs, tissues, glands, or functions,
enabling you to instantly identify precisely what nutrient you are most deficient in, or even sensitive to,
using a single-second test that has never, not once, EVER been proven to be less than unfailingly accurate,
means you now have the means to effect the benefits of the greatest game-changer in modern health history.

However hyperbolic that might seem at first blush, show a greatest sign of human intellect.

Suspend opinion to process fact>

Stop forming opinions on subjects you have little working knowledge or experience of, because your brain benefits.
Rather than continuing to believe many aiming to deceive you, accept only what you can repeatedly duplicate for yourself.

Your brain is guaranteed to work more efficiently for you when you habitually suspend your "opinion-forming mechanism."
Do not complicate the issue, do not go to opposite extremes or make stupid statements about what this shortcut means.
QVials make ANYTHING they touch test at least temporarily stronger. Food becomes more energetic, more bioavailable.
Far beyond a standard shortcut, QRA is far, far, yes, far and away more accurate than a thousand M.D.'s combined.
Close your mouth, close your "opinion-maker" and learn to perform the one-second QRA test and test anything.
If your doctor is not skilled in bidigital testing, then your doctor has no clue how to test food, drinks, drugs.
If your doctor is not QRA-trained, there is no way of accurately, instantly, non-invasively testing organs.
If your doctor does not know QRA, or at least BDORT, then your doctor does not have the best tools.
The Psychology of Longevity respectfully suggests you find another doctor; there are SO many.

Just because the test is 'no cost' does not mean your doctor cannot earn from doing QRA.
Please remember that "top doctors" are those who earn top dollar, and not top marks.
Doctor and hospital error are one of the top three causes of death in the USA today.
Any health professional not practicing any form of B-DORT or QRA is no master.
QRA removes all guessing, and delay, providing instantly accurate answers.
The greater any doctor's QRA skill is, the faster his patients will get better.
Now, with Qvials, you can use QRA yourself, teaching it to your family.
The Psychology of Shortcuts perceives that as a profit opportunity.
The Psychology of Longevity sees it as our longevity opportunity.

Learn more, so that you can more likely live more, naturally.

Find a QRA practitioner, in Austin, San Jose, or Brooklyn,
or, at least, learn BDORT or QRA for yourself, naturally.

Live your own Psychology of Longevity, with QRA.
Enhance yourself with QVials, many times daily.

MisterShortcut seeks to have everyone on earth using their own QVial.
Enjoy this fruit of the gifts of our generation's most polymathic mind.
The Psychology of Longevity aims to be the world's QVials capital.
No vial of minerals, anywhere on the planet, is as energy-giving,
we have found no substance on earth with as high a polarity.

QVials are the unique gifts of a lifetime, to last a lifetime.
Expected to expire 3 days after your 100,000th birthday.
Shapetalk brought to you by the Psychology of Longevity.
Shapetalk delivers the greatest wisdom on earth, crunched,
divided into discrete lines, so we can all understand and use it.
By keeping most lines to one thought, it is easier to take in more.
Who knows, perhaps frequent use of QVials promotes Shapetalking.
Shapetalk comes to you thanks to the ways of the very best among us.
Shapetalk is the wisdom of masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
The Psychology of Longevity contends that QVials promote healthier longevity.

If you honestly agree to give away three, you get three for free when you buy three.
If you believe you can cheat the universe, you have yet to learn Newton's Third Law.

Enjoy QVials, leave them to your great-grandchildren, and share them with loved ones.

Handful of many "FREE CLICK" websites, where either arriving or clicking on arrival saves lives!
There's no way you can save lives without the world repaying you generously!
As sites die, others appear to take their place. Feeding starving kids with free clicks?
What an excellent way to attract Newtonian repayment. Click 100x-plus, you even feel taller!

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead             "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank       Click to donate to many charities, no charge to you!            
Hunger and Poverty:
Let's end starvation
Live the Psychology of Longevity
Help others to live stronger longer
BE Your Greatest Shortcuts Route
Giving Means Getting

Feed Hungry in Brazil

Feed Veterans With A Click! -- Now!

Food for Hungry in India

Polish Hunger Site (Click the tummy)

theHungerSite - one click, one life saved

Feed Kids in Africa (Click Cup)

<Donate Bread (Click Loaf)

Kid's Hospital In Mexico - Click button on left

Childrens Health (Japanese)

Help Prevent Teen Suicide

Save Forests - (naturarvet.se)

Meals for Dogs (BarkingMad.co.za)

Shelter Dogs Poland

Help Dogs - Cats - Horses - (clicanimaux.com)

Donate Cat Food

Feed a Big Cat

Help Horses - (clicanimaux.com)

Note: These causes / links are listed "as is" by the Anthology of Shortcuts, with extra thanks to TheNonProfits.com
Please don't get bent out of shape at a link that may sometimes or permanently be on hiatus, in a manner of speaking.

 Consider the effects and consequences of your free clicks.   Great energy to you, and all of your noble efforts and endeavors!
The Anthology of A Shortcut and the Psychology of Longevity applaud those who live lives beyond their own selfish interests.

The innovators of BDORT, and QRA, and what we have come to call QRA testing, are such people, living beyond their own lives.
Justify the many fantastic investments and sacrifices required for you to learn the simple, potent, one-second bigital QRA testing.

Of all the testing you might do in this lifetime, you will find that QRA testing is by far the most accurate, and useful of tests.
Food, clothing, humans, pets, organs and glands... all these, and much more, are subject to the accuracy of QRA testing.

Psychology of Longevity & Psychology of Shortcuts pay HUGE Homage To TheNonProfits.com - superheroes!

                                             This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. - George Bernard Shaw

Selfish benefit is a great reason to help others: Newton's 3rd law!
These sites are, at this time, trusted. May they long merit such!
Thanks and huge kudos for clicking! 
"What goes around ..."

Live YOUR Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts fully:
Among the most profitable of master secrets: The more you give, the more you get,
provided we're helping the helpless, versus making the rich richer buying advertised items.
National advertising costs more than you realize. Today, execs take a piece of every sale. WTF?

Most of what you buy repeatedly can be had for half price or less. Do a bit of long-range math.
Meanwhile, clicking on free clickthroughs to save lives of kids, animals, etc? PROFITABLE!
It's nigh-impossible to make a habit of saving lives without being repaid by the universe
That's because Newton's 3rd law is a fundamental master secret of YOUR universe

More dozens of fantastic websites: Eyecandy, braincandy, master secrets of the universe.
Of COURSE there are master secrets of the universe! They work approximately always.
Using them 100x determined to get at least one percent better each time? Big profit

The smartest person in the room is the one imitating the people who repeatedly outperform us all

Who shows it best knows it best.
Who moves it best proves it best.

Imitating the actions, words, even attitudes of masters and champions,
you increase up to multiplying the probability of imitating their results.

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Crankables.com - because crankables are the world's greatest invention....

or is it obbles? Indisputables? Advertibles?
QVials helped enormously in the design, creation, and full production.
The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity came together well.
Synergy is where one plus one equals more than two. QVials personify it.



More braineoscopic collations and creations of MisterShortcut
Instant IQ Boost from the Psychology of Longevity to YOU:
Looking for people who demonstrate being even smarter.
Seeking to imimitate the actions of your role models.
Who inspires you most? Who does it that much better?
Is that not the best person for you to repreatedly imitate?
If YOU learn a faster shortcut for achieving mastery, share it!

Excellence has never been known to be caused or achieved accidentally. Win on purpose!
Identify a deadline, because that's what converts a dream into a goal, a simple deadline.
Divide your goal into 21 or 89 or 144 pieces: Small pieces are more digestible, true?
Identify the people and organizations in a position to help you achieve your goal.
Before you estimate a truly substantial likelihood of attaining this prime goal,
remember we must always have a strong enough WHY... to find the HOW

Challenging as it is to even consider, let alone accept, at first glimpse,
reality is that all humans to some degree believe and accept the opposite.
Not from each other; that's resolvable. No, opposite to what is actually correct.
From sincerely believing there's "no real harm" in occasionally consuming sugars,
to the belief that "humans evolved to eat animals," the truth is more, um, banal that that.

However you identify, label, or experience profit, it's in YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.
Whoever does it best has YOUR best shortcuts. Good shortcuts, great shortcuts, if you dare, the greatest shortcuts.
That's how the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity live within you: Find the best, then imitate them.

Until such time as some other device or substance can do what Qvials do, the claim remains:
QVials are the only devices on earth making anything they touch pass EVERY energy test.
That's why your QVial is money-back guaranteed .. forever - and not just your forever.
That QVial is estimated to continue working for at least 200,000 years, if not more.
That's how long solar energy poured into these minerals, 24 x 7 for all that time.
THEN embedding Schumann waves + all those frequencies? Frequencies do not die.
You are urged to use your QVial, even for just a moment, each and every day.
MisterShortcut did it thousands of days in a row, and look what happened:
Reciting hundreds of digits of pi per minute up into the thousands ...
reciting all the prime numbers of Fibonacci unto 19 octillion-plus..
and quite a bit more, AS SHALL YOU, with simple self-discipline.
Respectfully submitted, if you knew better, you'd do better.
Everything on earth testing weak tests strong with QVials.
Simple, brief contact guarantees it, every single time.
May your QVial serve you long and well, all your life,
and for the lifetimes of your descendants, as well.

QVials may be the greatest invention of all time.